Friday, October 22, 2010


A couple little things I did. I'm no artist, but I like 'em.


i ended up changing these a bit (darkening the backdrop/butt, respectively)


me again

Wow, I haven't posted in so long, I can't believe 2010 is almost to an end. How about a quick update? I finished working as an Au Pair, came home for my sister's wedding in May (which was fun, beautiful, happy, and many more things). I got a job working with a state of CA (federally funded) grant program to improve K-12th grade teachers' certification, training, education(
I took a gamble and turned down my dream grad school (the monterey institute of international studies), even after they offered to increase my scholarship a couple thousand. I'm just not sure I can afford it given the loans I have from finishing my batchelor degrees. They said I have 2 more years to decide before I would have to reapply (aka, win the lottery- which means I guess I should start gambling, cause I've never bought a ticket)... We'll see. So I've been working, also working as a nanny for 3 kids (twins- now 3 1/2 months, one 23 month old), spending time with the family, and nieces and nephews. Also got certified to teach English, with a concentration in English Grammar (but don't judge my blog errors- I swear I can speak/write well, in fact, I was second in my class- yes there were more than 2 students)
So that about brings us to now- I'm working to save some money, and move back to Germany in the next few months to be with M. He got a new job working for the state of Saxony as a forrester (to be honest I don't know 100% what his job entails... other than running around in the woods, being manly, and wearing flannel ... all stereotypes... he actually has a degree in forrest engineering- not sure how that translates). The plan is to find work as a teacher (or nanny, housekeeper, translator, barwench... I'm open to options), and *finally* settle down (although I never will, it'd be nice to actually unpack all the way for the first time in... years). Did I mention I still have 2 half-packed suitcases at the bottom of my closet? winter clothes, i swear. it's pitiful really.
This weekend I'm taking my niece (3 1/2 already??!!) to a halloween festival, meeting friends at a tea house (sounds much classier than we are) and celebrating my nephew's 11 birthday. I know it's cliche, but they grow up so fast! That is perhaps the one regret I would have to traveling- but life is too short for regrets.
I leave you with this quote by Andrew Jackson, which relates to my procrastination of writing:
"There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is having lots to do and not doing it."