Friday, November 6, 2009


This weeks has been rainy, so there have been many crafts constructed. The 4 year old is now addicted to paper-bag puppets, and tiolet-roll figures. Wednesday it actually snowed (crazy!), although it didn't stick and was quickly washed away by the rain- but still, the first snow of the season. :) I've been spending my evenings working on the application process for MIIS (the Monterey Institute of International Studies). It is pretty intense. Two essays, two translations, one abstract, two readings, 2 oral responses, 1 current event summaruzation (two of almost everything... one in English, one in German). And this is all before the acceptance... gees, I'm not sure what I am getting myself into. It's sure to be a lot of hard work, but you know what? I reaaaallly, reaaalllly want it. Today is Mrs. A's birthday. She's off at a photo shoot (like Glamour Shots, I imagine). I am simply looking forward to the weekend with the bf.
In other news, my tiolet is acting up and kinda a bummer. I have to hike down a flight of stairs to pee... not such a big deal except at night. Especially cause the stairs to the third floor squeek... so the everyone in the house is alerted everytime I sneak down to use the loo. Super.

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