Thursday, August 27, 2009

hello again

Wow, so it seems like I've been on Blog-Hiatus. Yikes, time to get the ball rolling and throw another blog out there. My time has been spent being routine and boring, and since I didn't want to write a boring blog, I have been skirting the task. But no more. The boyfriend, M, has moved into his apartment, and we've cleaned, painted and decorated. Since he lives only 5 km away (3 miles for all you non-km folks), we see each other a few times a week, although we have to limit our visits so as to not forget about my job and all the other stuff I actually have to do. bummer. We've been going to a local sports bar to watch all of Borussia Monchengladbach's soccer games, although last week's loss to Bremen brought us from 4th to 10th place in the Nation. again, bummer. Hopefully tomorrow we'll win, although Mainz (whom we are playing) did beat FC Bayern last week, so they must be arguably good. I only care about BMG for the most part, so I don't actually know how good the other teams are.
Last week we went to the beach again, and M came with. It was a lot of fun. L, the boy-child, spent last week at his Grandparents' in Hannover, so I had lots of one-on-one time for princess S. A friend of hers came to play Monday, so I had the pleasure of entertaining two 3 year-olds instead of one. Really, they were quite cute. Monday the kids start school again, which also means they will have to be getting up earlier, which will surely be an adjustment... hopefully not too painful of one (for us all).
On another note, I finally screwed up the courage and deleted myspace. I know, I know. It isn't like I ever logged in, but it was a security thing. I knew the ability to log in and myspace-stalk my friends, post annoying questionnaires, and comment on photos was there waiting to quell any extreme boredom. So it was a pretty big step for me, but hey, there's still Facebook to ease my addiction...

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