Thursday, December 3, 2009

random updates

It's (finally) beginning to look a lot like Christmas...... Well, by Cali-Standards, it's been "Christmas-y" for quite a while, prompting me to pull out the warm gloves, leggings, and boots. However, by Germany-standards it's practically Spring. So, we had our first frost (heavy-duty white coating that refused to melt in the sun) and I am now reduced to wearing leg-warmers under my jeans to mute the cold.

I finally finished my application for the Monterey Institute of International Studies, which I procrastinated through, and drew out a lot longer than probably necessary. I still managed to send it in by the 1st deadline (which is best when trying for a scholarship), although applications can be sent until May/June. I'm also looking at some universities here in Germany for Grad School, since tuition here costs 500 euro per semester, so it is inarguably more affordable than in the US.

On another note, I've decided to give up (processed) sugar until Christmas/Christmas Eve since sugar, cookies, cakes and everything are sooooo big in Germany. Then I can indulge a little over the holidays with the bf's family. I figure if I put it in writing then I will "have to" stick to it. lol. Since then I am "back on" coffee. Yum, from one vice to another.

Tomorrow the bf and I are going to the Christmas Market in NeuMunster (the next ok-sized city). I work on Saturday, so I get tomorrow off to go. :) There will be Gluwein (hot, red-wine based Holiday drink), warm soup and much more.... specifics? I don't know, because I've never been to a real Christmas Market, but I will report back on it after.

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