Thursday, January 21, 2010


Wow, so welcome to 2010! It's a bit crazy for me, considering it seems like it was just yesterday that the whole "Y2K" scare was happening. So, it's been a while since my last post, and naturally I have quite a bit to update on.
I spent Christmas with the bf's family in southern Germany, but I had to work on the 23rd, so we ended up catching the train at 6 am on Christmas Eve. After an 8 hour trip (including a few delays and train switches) we made it to Trier. We spent Christmas Eve at his sister's house and spent a lot of time playing with his nephew (who will be 3 at the end of Jan). Then on Christmas we drove to his parent's house. I had a whole 11 days off, so we spent a lot of time visiting his grandparents and friends who also live in the south. We also had family game nights, where his parents and we played UNO, Activity (which is like Scategories I think.... pictionary + acting + describing?) and City, Country, River (Stadt, Land, Fluss? Where there's a random letter and then you have to write down things/places that start with that letter. I basically was losing horribly until they decided to let me write English or German words... then I kicked some serisou butt).

Since then, I've been back at work and just doing ordinary things. On the 19th, the bf and I celebrated our "18 month" anniversary (I know, such a thing doesn't really exist, but any excuse for a nice dinner and going out is nice). And this week I am taking a vacation day (so I have a 3 day weekend) as the bf has a friend visiting from Trier and we want to take him to Hamburg, and sightseeing a little. I feel a little guilty about taking another vacation day so soon after Christmas (especially since the little girl has a nasty cough), but my boss has assured me that it's o.k... so I will just focus on having fun. yay.

I've also pretty much resorted to only using the bf's camera, since my rechargable batteries have been slowly driving me crazy. That said, I haven't been making the effort to go back and get the pictures from said camera. I will do it... and then I will post some of the pictures.. Eventually. Really.

Oh, P.P.S. My sister got engaged over New Years... so I am super duper excited about the wedding in May (even though it means leaving Germany a month earlier than planned).

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