Thursday, July 9, 2009

Apartment searching and public scratching

Sorry I haven't written in... a few days (What a flake!), you know I have been working and all that jazz. I tell myself I will turn on the computer when I have a chance and actually write something, but I end up falling asleep... or skyping with the bf for-ever and then falling asleep. Jees, where are my priorities? (Probably asleep somewhere). Today I went for a bike-ride during the hour that is wasn't on-and-off raining. The weather here is so indecisive. It'll be warm and sunny, so I'll change into shorts and a tank top to go pick up the little one from Kindergarten, but as soon as I arrive at the school (via bike mind you... yes, this is a true story), it starts raining and I end up peddling like the wind only to arrive home soaked. Then it promptly stops raining; prompting the little angel to step "dry" out of the tag-along... (or whatever the kiddie pull wagon things that attach to the back of the bike and weigh like a gazillion pounds are called) and ask why I'm "sweaty." Not sweaty darling, SOAKED. Then she wants to play outside, what the heck? It's sunny again. So I uncover the sandbox, spread out a blanket, change into a dry pair of shorts (mind you I only have 2 pairs here) and low and behold... drip drip drop... it begins to rain again. Sheeesh, so I run everything back in the house, and struggle to quickly cover the sand box to prevent it form becoming a mud-box.

So, where was I? Oh yeah, went for a bike-ride then came home, took a quick shower and promptly fell asleep... in my bed where I did not put the mosquito net back in place (since I leave it pulled back during the day). And what happened? I woke up with 4 mosquito bites. My window wasn't even open! I swear the little buggers are camped out in my room somewhere, and wait for me to fall asleep, cause I never see or hear them. I also imagine they only plan attacks on days when I am meeting with a Realtor to check out apartments for the bf. So once again I find myself sneaking in the occasional (and hopefully not too obvious) scratch while checking out apartments. I really love one of the apartments, and the other is ok too (I mean, I really only will be visiting the bf, so he gets the final say... I finally conceded). Oh, so there's the bf on skype again... gotta run.

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