Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Updates, Patience and Gardening

Today the weather is beeeeautiful- warm and not too humid. The bf arrived last night. He's registering up here (you have to register every time you move (or plan to), so the government can trace your every move here. lol.). This morning he left early to catch a ride with Mrs. A on her way to work, and hopefully he gets everything figured out- and can get the *perfect* apartment we found :). Yesterday I finally got my work visa. *yay* so I can legally stay until 14th of June 2010. Although I believe I will actually be headed back at the end of May... we'll see. It feels nice to be "legal."
They say "Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead." Ok, by "they," I mean Mac McCleary, although I, myself, admire the patience of ALL drivers on the road when I am learning to drive a manual. Since I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to have only driven automatics for the last 8 years (besides the occasional few times... which were hilarious), I am finally going through the painfully embarrassing process of learning at the ripe age of 24. The bf and I practiced a little in a parking lot behind his house a month or so back, and now I've driven two times here in Gnutz. First I drove to and from the Kindergarten with Mrs. A to pick up the little one- it's only like half a mile away and the car died 3 times... although it was coming out of reverse, and after a stop. ooops.. Yesterday I got to drive back from the library in the neighboring town, about 3 miles away. This time the car died at like every stop, of which there are about 3, and of course, I had to stop at a light on an incline, and the young woman driving behind me (in a flashy convertible, mind you) *had* to pull up sooooo close to me- my biggest fear of driving a stick was coming to life- I nearly wet myself, but I did manage to stay somewhat calm (for the sake of the child. lol). I took Mrs. A's advice and used the hand brake, inadvertently squealed the tires, but managed not to do any damage to her car or "ours", so overall I consider it a win... Mrs. A is very patient with me killing the engine, squealing tires, grinding gears and mostly driving 15 mph under the speed limit. I need to practice a lot more.

I have three plants I got a few weeks back, 2 Gerber daisies and some other mini-tree like thing (that's the scientific name b y the way). I thought one of the daisies was a goner, the poor thing was all wilted. But after researching them online, I read that if may be outgrowing the pot and not getting water to the middle roots. Needless to go into detail I nursed the poor thing back to health and now it seems to be thriving. I do need to get them new homes soon (pots I mean, I'm not giving these badboys away, they're like pets). Anyhoo--- I will post pictures of the pretty little things soon. I think that's all that's new.
Oh, speaking of lovely weather- this was kinda funny:

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