Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buesum, and a new place to live

Yesterday the bf and I returned from a 4-day trip to the North Sea coast (specifically a town called Buesum) to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at a cute little family owned place (Hotel Siegfried) not far from the city center or the shore. It was lovely, although it rained a little everyday except one. The first day we strolled along the shore, where we were harassed by birds. Evidently they had chosen the rocks on the path as a nesting place, which we discovered upon seeing two adorable babies--- we then left the path and the birds in peace as quickly as possible.
The next day the weather was pretty wet in the morning, so we decided to visit the much heard about indoor swimming pool. It was fantastic! The largest pool was a salt-water pool which had waves every 30 minutes or so. There was also a giant water slide, which we went down at least 5 times, a few heated pools and a jacuzzi. Very nice. Upstairs was the sauna, which we visited since we planned to stay most of the day in this pool wonderland (the weather was so uncooperative for hiking or biking). The thing about the sauna is... it's mandatory to be nude (with a towel of course). There's no option to have a swimsuit on or such, and there are signs and employees every so often who will politely remind you to get naked. ??? A little weird, but since there were also signs asking you not to sweat on the seats (what?) it was pretty much required to have a towel- I had two (they were kinda small). The sauna was soooo nice. There were 4 saunas, one at 90 degrees (194 f), one at 85 (185 f) which was on the roof, a 70 degree one (158f) which had fennel and anise/aniseed, and a 50 degree (122 f) one. There was also a steam bath, which had a big salt quartz in the middle. We tried all of them except the 90 degree one, since we thought the 85 was warm enough, and after an hour or so, we had had enough of the sauna.
The next day the weather was lovely, and we had planned to spend the day biking, but unfortunately I spent the night and most of the day suffering a stomach virus or food poisoning, and stayed in the room until about 6 p.m. when I finally felt well enough to go to dinner, the bf did hike a while, but he was sweet and felt bad about me being alone.
Yesterday after we got back we met with a guy about an apartment we saw in the neighboring town. It's not the city where the bf originally planned to live, but it does have about 6,000 inhabitants, and there's easy/cheap train connections to a few bigger cities. After talking to the guy again the bf is taking the apartment! yay! It's pretty nice, and it even has a washer and refrigerator, which is almost unheard of in small apartments here. It's on the third floor, with lovely big windows, and they are even redoing the floor this week (the only thing we didn't like was the hideous blue carpeting, so they are putting in normal fake-wood laminate). He's putting down the deposit and getting his key on Friday, and on the first he's moving in! Exciting.
I'll put up some picture from our trip soon, I have to work though, since I've had 4 days off, and the family and I are headed to Denmark for vacation on Saturday for a week.

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